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We are a central institute with more than 50 years of experience in all areas of refractories technology. We are absolutely committed to neutrality and are therefore a partner to all companies working in refractories technology.
All tests at our Institute are conducted by experts. Our employees include specialists from the fields of physics, chemistry, and mineralogy as well as material testing and technology.
Besides exact measured values and test reports, professional consultation is always available to the industrial partner. The basis for this is:
- Expertise in fundamental work and principles
- Expertise in Materials
- Expertise in Methods
Thanks to constant optimization, our testing systems are on the highest level. Currently more than 100 standardized methods are applied, with several 1000 tests being conducted every year. We hold primary responsibility in the development of many standards and methods.
Our speed is a benefit for our industrial partners. Maxims for our work are reliability and speed in processing to benefit our industrial partners. Often results can be returned after just a few hours.